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Jakeia Pruitt Wins Abrams Academic Achievement Award!

02/02/2016 by Alec Stephens | 0 comments

The Tindley Family is excited to announce that Tindley Collegiate’s  Jakeia Pruitt (7th) and Tindley Prep’s Jordan Garrett (6th) have been awarded the Abrams Academic Achievement Award presented by the Indiana Pacers!

In 2001 the Abrams Academic Achievement Award was established, in partnership with the Indiana Pacers team ophthalmologist, Dr. John Abrams, as an incentive program for grade school students.  The program’s goal is to reward a student who has overcome obstacles, excelled in academics and deserves positive reinforcement for their dedication.

Pruitt and Garrett were selected along with 10 other middle school students across central Indiana to have shown substantial academic improvement and served as a role model in their classes.  Along with this achievement, Pruitt and Garrett will also receive Four Tickets to see the Indiana Pacers take on the New York Knicks on February 24th (one ticket for the recipient and three tickets for guests), a pre-game reception,  recognition of their achievement in front of hundreds of fans during halftime, a Pacers Fun Pack, and a special surprise gift! That’s a lot of stuff!

But don’t take it from me, take it from George Hill himself!!

Congratulations Jakeia! Have fun at the game!

See ‘The Tindley Way’ in Action

01/04/2014 by matt | 0 comments

Over the past several years, Tindley Accelerated Schools has grown from a single high school into a vibrant charter school network supporting children from kindergarten through grade 12. Our success is a testament to our unique approach to education. Using an accelerated curriculum and rigorous academic standards, our singular goal is to help every one of our students gain acceptance into a prestigious college or university. To see our approach in action, watch the brief videos below.

Tindley Collegiate Academy opens new STEM Lab

30/01/2014 by Tindley Staff | 0 comments

Tindley STEM labIn 2013 Tindley Collegiate Academy was the big $100,000 grant recipient for IMPACT 100. The funds were to be used to equip the all-girls middle school with a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Lab.

Flash forward to January 15, 2014 when Tindley Collegiate hosted the ladies of IMPACT 100 for a reception to celebrate the opening of the new STEM lab. The brand new lab is equipped with a 3D modeling printer, drills, a laser engraver and computers with CAD software, among other state-of-the-art pieces.

Thank you so much to the ladies of IMPACT100 for their investment in Tindley’s mission. Tindley Collegiate scholars are very excited to start putting the new lab to good use and learning!

The celebration on the 15th also served as a kick-off for the 2014 IMPACT 100 members. During the event they announced $118,000 had been raised for their annual grant cycle.

Tindley STEM 2

Tindley STEM lab 3

Abeo Peterson Story

16/10/2013 by bevrella | 0 comments

The Mind Trust has published impact stories of their grant recipients and we are thrilled that they profiled Abeo Peterson this past summer.

Abeo Peterson always knew she had the potential to excel. But she didn’t realize how great her potential was until she began as a sixth grader at Tindley Collegiate Academy two years ago.

At Tindley, she was greeted by a culture of discipline. There was no talking in the hallways. Uniform requirements were strictly enforced. And what might seem like minor infractions at other schools – talking or wandering the halls during class periods – could merit a trip to the office.

Matching the discipline were rigorous academic standards. Abeo struggled with language arts, but her teachers gave her challenging work in the subject and pushed her to meet the high bar.

The environment was an adjustment at first, but Abeo quickly realized she liked it. With every challenge or struggle she encountered, she found an equal measure of support from teachers and administrators who clearly cared about her success.

Teachers at Tindley stay after school until at least 5 p.m. to offer students homework help and answer questions. Abeo and her peers often take advantage of that time.

“Teachers push you to reach your absolute maximum goal – they want you to succeed,” Abeo said. “It pushes me that I can do better, I can be better.”

For example, she was given a research-heavy writing assignment and failed the rough draft. Determined to improve on the final paper, Abeo stayed after school to work with her teacher and get additional guidance. She got an A on the finished product.

On another occasion, Abeo was disappointed to get a B in a class after working hard to earn a good grade. She took the issue to the academic dean, who informed her that she had gotten that grade because the teacher knew she could do better. Next time, the dean urged, Abeo could push herself even more.

Abeo entered eighth grade at Tindley Colleagiate’s new building in Fall 2013. She’s excited about being a leader as part of the oldest class at the middle school. And she’s already set her sights on attending college, with plans to earn her PhD in forensics. She sees Tindley as an integral path to the goal.

“It’s a better experience and a way to get to college,” Abeo said. “No other school is like Tindley. You have teachers who are so on point and so close to you.”

You can also read the story at the Mind Trust’s website: