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Academic Life at Tindley Collegiate Academy

Tindley Collegiate Academy is the first girls-only middle school in Indiana to follow the Accelerated Schools model, which empowers students through academic rigor and inquiry-based instruction (learn more about it here.)

The curriculum at Tindley Collegiate will focus on building scholar identity among students – a process that includes rituals, routines, academic award ceremonies, presentations, and one-on-one conversations. Students also take part in the following programs and activities:

Social curriculum designed for girls. Our students are exposed to a social curriculum that teaches and reinforces etiquette, leadership, professionalism, and female empowerment. Furthermore, we seek to foster an environment where dialogue and collaboration are both encouraged and celebrated.

Mentoring. Working with organizations such as Girls Inc., Alpha Kappa Alpha, the Boys and Girls Club and others, Tindley Collegiate Academy provides mentors to students. Each mentor is trained to help young ladies  identify themselves as scholars, set goals, and plan for positive outcomes, both academically and socially.

Family involvement. We believe student success is based on both academic preparation and family participation. Therefore we ask every family to contribute 50 hours of family service per year (5 hours per month).  Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or adult siblings of the student can contribute this service.

The best part? All students have the opportunity to attend our school on a space-available basis.  Students who apply after we have filled all of the available spaces will be put on a waiting list until space becomes available.